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Peel & Stick Accessories 9 Clunky and awkward Ergonomic shape Even pressure Problem Solution Feature Description Part Number Price SpeedRollerPRO SPEEDROLLERPRO $32.95 SpeedRoller Quad SPEEDROLLER QUAD $32.95 The SpeedRollerPRO and SpeedRoller Quad are ergonomically designed with laminate rollers that can be used for any PSA application - especially Fastedge & SpeedTape. The SpeedRollerPRO includes 2 sets of interchangeable wheels and the SpeedRoller Quad has all the wheels attached and it is ready to roll! Features... • Ergonomic shape • Non-marring rubber wheels • Maximum PSI steel wheels Great for... • Roll on Fastedge • Roll on SpeedTape • Labels and laminate Patent Pending dbc LIFETIME SpeedRollerPRO ™ 3½" SpeedRollerQUAD ™ Speedroller PRO Speedroller QUAD Edge trim isn't always easy to install and taping trim doesn't always provide the pressure needed for bonding edging. FastCap's solution is the 3 Way Clamp. We've combined the usual spring clamp with an additional spring that applies a third direction of pressure. With approximately 30lbs of clamping pressure, the 3 Way Clamp can provide a better bond than tape alone. Features... •Non-marring rubber tips •Spring clamp and edge clamp in one •Simple to use and remove •Approx. 30lbs of edge pressure Great For... •All types of edge banding •General clamping purposes •Straight lines with no hassle Patent #5765820 Design by contractor Frank Marusiak Description Part Number Price 3 Way Clamp 3 WAY CLAMP $5.00 3 Way Clamp ™ dbc LIFETIME Not enough pressure with tape Up to 30 lbs of edge pressure! Non-marring rubber tips! Problem Solution Feature

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