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Other Great Products 91 Features... • Quick connect • Total flexibility • 100% reusable Great for... • Desks • Carts • Inventory racking Large crap-stacker desk Customized mobile workstation Poly-coated steel pipe Problem Solution Feature Assembly Tool Application High quality locking casters Compact aluminum rollers Feature Feature Durable & easy-to-cut LIFETIME FastPipe ™ Get Creative! FastPipe is a flexible and efficient system to make any cart, desk or workstation to your exact specifications. Any height, width or depth, whatever you can imagine you can build. The fittings and the pipe are 100% reusable. Patent Pending Paul's Desk Unassembled Frame **Roller Track Connectors are sold separately. Part Number Ex: FP-ROLLER A CONNECT Description Part Number USD 52" PE Coated Pipe, 1" dia. FP-1 X 52 PIPE $3.30 3" Locking Caster FP-3 IN LOCK CASTER $8.80 Pipe leveling foot FP-LEVELING FOOT $2.20 Outside Corner Connector FP-OUTSIDE CORNER $2.20 Elbow Connector FP-ELBOW CONNECT $4.40 Adjustable Connector FP-ADJUST CONNECT $2.20 45 Degree Connector FP-45 CONNECTOR $2.20 90 Intersect Connector FP-90 INTERSECT CONN $2.20 Under/Over Intersect Connector FP-UND/OV INT CONN $2.20 Parallel Connector FP-PARALLEL CONN $2.20 Parallel Slide Connector FP-PARALLEL SLIDE $2.20 Cross Connector FP-CROSS CONNECTOR $2.20 T Connector FP-T CONNECTOR $2.20 Table Top Connector FP-TOP CONNECT $2.20 Round Table Top Connector FP-ROUNDTABLE CON $8.00 Pipe End Cap 10 piece FP-END CAP $2.20 4' Steel Roller wheel track FP-ROLL TRACK WHEELS $13.20 Roller Track Connectors A - E** FP-ROLLER (A-E) CONNECT** $2.20 Parallel Foot Connector FP-PARALLEL FT CONNE $2.20 5mm T-Handle Wrench FP-WRENCH $3.30 5mm Driver Bit - 2" FP-DRIVER 2 $3.30 5mm Driver Bit - 6" FP-DRIVER 6 $3.30 Assembly Tool FP-Assembly Tool $5.00 Rubber Foot FP-RUBBER FOOT $2.20 Countertops for Paul's Desk FP-TOP Call Cabinet & Drawers for Desk FP-CABINET Call Paul's Desk (unassembled frame) FP-DESK UNASSEMBLED $99.00

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